Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Hey Hey.

Guess who’s back.

Yep you guessed right its meeeee.

It feels so great to be back I haven’t blogged since last year. I really didn’t like it then but I like it now cause I can express my feelings how every I want without any body tell me anything. but any hows life, mine could be better but ill live. im n the band now and it’s really fun. I play the clarinet and the trumpet, next ill be on drum line. TURN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well gtg ttyl.

BYE!!!!!!! 🙂


Sneezy the squirrel is nuts about trying on hats.

Squirrel is nuts about trying on hats
Nutty: Sneezy the squirrel (Picture: Mary Krupa / Caters)

A fun-loving squirrel who loves to dress up in an array of nutty hats has become a star attraction at a US university.

Sneezy the squirrel’s popularity has soared after the animal struck up an unlikely friendship with animal-loving student Mary Krupa at Penn State University in Pennsylvania. A bond that began over a packet of shared nuts quickly blossomed, with the 18-year-old undergraduate soon feeling confident enough to dress Sneezy in a range of assorted homemade hats.

‘One day I was sitting under a tree and some kids nearby were feeding a group of squirrels and they weren’t running away – so I decided to try the same thing,’ she explained. ‘They got friendlier and friendlier, particularly Sneezy, but I honestly don’t know what inspired me to put hats on her – I just wanted to see what I could do as it was funny. ‘I had a tiny doll hat with me and tried it. Amazingly she sat there with it on long enough for me to take a picture. It was so cute.’

Sneezy is now proving a hit online as well as with students, while Ms Krupa has become known on campus as the ‘Squirrel Whisperer’. ‘We have had lots of positive reaction so far – everyone in town and on campus loves it and we have received over 6,000 likes on our Facebook page,’ she added. ‘In total I have probably made and photographed a few more than 20 hats and plan to keep on going as long as Sneezy is enjoying it too.’


My Bucket List

1. Go sky diving

2. Swim with the dolphins

3.Climb every mountain in the world

4. Bungee jump off mount rushmore

5. Go on every ride at six flags

6. Walk the top of empire state building

7. Sit in a room full of tarantulas

8. Play every sport there is

9. Live in Africa

10. Go to Yale Universitiy